To purchase our music via digital download, please exit this page and look for the Digital Download button and link on any of our store pages. Click that button and you will be taken to our Nimbit music site ( www.nimbitmusic.com/mikekathiedeasy ), where you can purchase single songs and/or whole albums using your credit card. They will be downloaded to your computer in high quality mp3 format, which then can be copied to your music player or made into a CDR.

If you would rather have a CD of our music, which includes a jewel case and album graphics please print this page, fill it out fully, and mail it to the address below, along with a check made out to MIKE DEASY MINISTRIES.

You may also order our albums using your credit card via Pay Pal (paypal.com) using the email address of deasyweb1@gmail.com to send your order to. Before checking out of Pay Pal, you must list the product you are ordering in the Message Box, as well as your shipping address.

Check the box(es) below to order CD(s) at $20 each (shipping and handling is included):

[  ] The Path Of Peace I

[  ] The Path Of Peace II

[  ] Wings Of Praise

[  ] Wings Of An Eagle

[  ] Guitar Gold

[  ] Paper Airplane

[  ] The Road Home Vol. I

[  ] The Road Home Vol. II

[  ] Endtimes Weather Band

[  ] Signs & Wonders

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Mike Deasy Ministries
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